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Basile Henry

Personal Details

Born on 24th June 1994


Electronics and Software Engineering (MEng Hons) September 2012 — May 2017

University of Edinburgh, United-Kingdom

European Baccalaureate July 2012

European School of Brussels 1, Belgium


  • French — mother tongue
  • English — fluent, 13 years
  • Spanish — medium level, 6 years

Work experience

Internship Myrtle Software Summer 2016 & 2017

Software Developer Myrtle is a technology company based in Cambridge, England.
Worked on the implementation of video analysis algorithms and CNNs running on FPGAs using functional programming.

Tutor at the University of Edinburgh September 2016 — December 2016

Tutor Gave tutorials for inf1-fp, the functional programming course offered to first year students in informatics.

Internship ICSA Summer 2015

Research Assistant ICSA (Institute for Computing Systems Architecture) is part of the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.
Tested chips designed for VLC (Visible Light Communication).

YourTaximeter Ltd March 2014 — December 2014

Android Developer Designed and developed the Android app

Electrician assistant August 2013

Assistance to a professional electrician Installation and maintenance of electrical systems in private housing


Future Libraries Product Forge October 2016

Programming competition on the theme of libraries of the future Won first prize with my team on a project exploring the gamification of the library. The project consisted of an Android app for the user, a Java application for admin purposes and a Haskell web server using a SQL database.

Smart Data Hack February 2013 & 2014

Programming competition in the University of Edinburgh Participated in the contest twice:
  • Design of an interactive map using Skyscanner's data, JavaScript project
  • Won an award for the design of an interactive map using data from the
    Scottish Parliament — Website

Computing skills

  • Programming languages:
    • Working knowledge: Haskell, Elm, Python, Java, C
    • Basic knowledge: C++, Rust, Assembly (MIPS, ARC EM), Verilog, VHDL
  • Proficient with GNU/Linux and Windows
  • Some of my university projects include:
    • designing an 8-bit microcontroller on an FPGA with a custom instruction set and several devices (VGA screen, PS2 mouse, IR transmitter)
    • writing a full compiler for a subset of the C language targeting the JVM.
    • writing a simple kernel module for the linux kernel
    • building an automated robot that plays football (guided by a camera on top of the field)
    • making a raytracer (with reflection, refraction and Phong shading)
    • animating a 3D model with its skeleton using skinning algorithms


  • Badminton, Basketball
  • Music: Guitar, Piano, Drums, Music theory — 5 years each


  • Full driving licence
  • First aid certificate